WHO LOVES ANIMALS & WANTS A GREAT ANIMAL STORY?!!! Best Friends Animal Society has come SO far…now they have huge celebrities like Christopher Walken, Danny Trejo, Ellen DeGeneres + more doing their campaigns. But back in 2007/2008, I had the humble opportunity for the Best Friends magazine to do 2 publicity & media write-ups on the […]

Here it is…the limited-edition, bonus-track release on glorious vinyl + CD of our album, ‘Decline’! Purchase here now as it is already a collectors’ item! Also includes fantastic & never-before released additional material w/the awesomely talented, legendary ANN BOLEYN from HELLION! Very humbled + proud to be in the presence of such greatness all around. Track listing: 01. In […]

I have 2 songs on the limited edition, double-vinyl (RED!) edition of DÉTENTE’s classic album, ‘Recognize No Authority’. Order here!   http://shop.xtreemmusic.com/english.item.index.php?&id=17123

Very nice review from Stu’s Reviews for the ‘Recognize No Authority / 30 Years of Struggle’ re-issue (that includes a few tracks that I’m on as well). Thank you, Sir Stu! http://mrstu616.blogspot.com/2015/01/detente-recognize-no-authority-expanded.html You can purchase the album (and t-shirts) here, via Xtreem Music UK:

AMY SCHUMER KILLS IT! Check out this awesome promo music video for Miss Amy Schumer that precurses another new season of her show, ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ next week. This is comedy gold…or, lemonade.