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MPress Records / NYC!

All hallowed + Halloween greetings, dearies! I apologize, as it’s been a while since I’ve posted an update – the past 3+ years have been extremely difficult & I’m not one to share my private life in person OR online (I blame my Finnish background for that…those damn stoic, insular Finns…no wonder they invented saunas to steam all of their […]

Rat Race…


Details coming soon…SH+TT = new band, new music, new beginnings, old comrades.    

Pre-Order NEW version of ‘Recognize No Authority’ – 7/28/14

That’s right folks: DÉTENTE & Dawn Crosby’s original thrash metal classic, Recognize No Authority is being re-released July 28, with extra tracks, demo versions, my own cover of ‘Blood I Bleed’ & our collaborative song, ‘Genocide’ (originally the instrumental song, ‘Catalepsy’). Click HERE to get it first. More exciting news & new music coming soon! […]

Rob Halford Endorses Henry & Glenn Forever!

Our friend in metal + comics Tom Neely is being blessed by the Metal Turbo Lover God himself: Rob Halford! Per Tom’s press release: ‘…the Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever Graphic Novel will now be released with a foreword by The Metal God himself – Rob Halford of Judas Priest! (pinch me is this […]

Tortured Souls Video WON @ L.A. FirstGlance Film Festival !!!

The Tortured Souls song + video for ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) that I was so humbled to be a part of (singing + acting) WON at last week’s FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles! The music video was originally created to be a concept piece that accompanied the film ‘Malea Beloved’, by […]

DÉTENTE “Recognize No Authority” original Price Killers CD – $399.99!

Wow! Dawn Crosby’s legacy & DÉTENTE still kicking ass into the future. This is a very rare edition of ‘RNA’ that I was made aware of when joining the band. For any of you with too much money & an interest in old school thrash-metal (yeah: I know…there are SOOO many of those kinds of […]