Originally starting out behind the kit as a drummer, Tiina transitioned to singing after years of writing lyrics and learning songs on guitar.

Following in the trailblazing footsteps of original singer Dawn Crosby, in 2009 she was recruited to write, record and perform with the legendary thrash metal/punk band, DÉTENTE. (Wikipedia)

DÉTENTE:  The band headlined a European tour in 2010 and released the internationally acclaimed album Decline, recorded with renowned Metal Blade producer Bill Metoyer (Slayer, Corrosion Of Conformity).

The Gauntlet lists DÉTENTE as one of their Top 10 Female Fronted Metal bands of all time.


DECLINE:  The album debuted in the top 5 on the CMJ Loud Rock charts and had international radio airplay. iTunes, Spotify and other digital platforms feature Decline and previous DÉTENTE releases.

The band was the subject of national controversy in 2012, when the anti-Rush Limbaugh song “Kill Rush”, from Decline, was picked up by Fox News and shared on hundreds of internet news/video sites.

Sean Hannity featured the song on his cable show and brought presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann on to discuss the song’s political significance (below).


TORTURED SOULS: Released in October of 2011, Tiina recorded co-vocals and appeared in the video for “I Feel Strange Love” (Depeche Mode medley) with musician/actor/director Vincent McLean‘s goth-metal, art performance band Tortured Souls.

The song/video (and accompanying indie film, Malea Beloved) has been featured in many film festivals around the world including Cinerockom/Cannes, France and was the WINNER of the First Glance Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA.


DIG COMICS!:  Teal also co-produced and starred in Dig Comics!, an award winning short film about the under-appreciated art form of comic books in America and the revolution to bring them back as a popular artistic medium.

Dig Comics! won ‘Best Documentary’ at the San Diego Comic Con International Film Festival and screened in various cities at dozens of other prestigious film festivals (Cannes, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York).

Tiina enlisted support for the project from other industry artists/companies such as Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner), Darkhorse Entertainment (Sin City, Hell Boy) and The Uslan Company (Batman, The Dark Knight).


ZOMBIES VS STRIPPERS:  A lifelong dream came true in 2012 and Teal had the opportunity to play a heart-eating zombie in the Full Moon Features film, Zombies vs Strippers.


HISTORY:  Tiina originally moved to Los Angeles (twice!) via Washington State after being inspired by the jazz protest singing of Miss Nina Simone, the artfulness of Jarboe (Swans), the beauty of Jeff Buckley, the lust of Led Zeppelin and the emotional noise-makings of Devin Townsend (Strapping Young Lad).

The first band that she formed was the all-female metal group, Burn The Empire.

Burn The Empire soon morphed into a politically charged, multi-ethnic, multi-everything band…eventually winning L.A.’s “Best Anti-War Band” award.

Burn The Empire was also featured on an episode of The Learning Channel’s popular reality show,Making Over The Band‘, and played a concert – post makeover – at The Knitting Factory for the show’s finale.

Tiina has also studied with extreme metal vocal coach and professional bassist/luthier/studio musician Rodney McGlothlin (associated with Melissa Cross, Zen Of Screaming)

A versatile singer, she’s able to keep company with the extreme metal crowd by invoking deep growls and ear-piercing screams. However, she also loves to passionately belt out meaningful lyrics, pitch-perfect melodies and multi-cultural vocal traditions – especially Middle Eastern harmonics.

She also does a damn good Don Knotts impression.


Tiina is available for vocal session work of any kind and is currently working on a new music project with DÉTENTE founder/bassist Steve Hochheiser .

Please contact her with inquiries below.  All are welcome!


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