Best Friends Animal Society has come SO far…now they have huge celebrities like Christopher Walken, Danny Trejo, Ellen DeGeneres + more doing their campaigns.

But back in 2007/2008, I had the humble opportunity for the Best Friends magazine to do 2 publicity & media write-ups on the surprise b-day trip Miguel Cima had planned for me to go there, as he knew I was a long time supporter & had always dearly wanted to visit/volunteer at their Utah location. 

We stayed in a neat, simple cabin on their grounds & volunteered every day in various areas (you don’t have to volunteer while there, but I wanted to…Miguel was a little less excited as it was our vacation…!) I have quite a few fun pix I’ll share later.

However, I suggest to anyone who loves animals & can travel, to visit there – it is truly an amazing & quite inexpensive, transformative experience.

Their magazine did this story on myself, as Miguel also set that up as a part of the trip – as BF thought it was so cool that he had arranged all of this as a surprise & liked my background volunteering, being a musician, blah blah)

A few months after when they did another follow up article, was when we adopted our lovely Lebanon war rescue dog, Xera (first named Kera, as mentioned in this article) I can’t find that particular magazine photoshoot/article right now, as our things are still in storage. But: there was a bad ass female pilot who flew Xera out to us in Burbank, CA w/the photographer & we got interviewed again & have cute pix of Xera actually walking/jumping off of the airplane wing after landing!

Such an amazing, incredible organization that no matter how poor I’ve been – have supported & sponsored since 1999.

They do the GOOD & very difficult, HARD work – and having been there, volunteering as well, can tell you that they are the real deal w/incredible results & beautiful humans.

Especially for lost-case causes…I worked in the kitty AIDS/leukemia wards one day & they were just SO taken care of & their areas were super clean, comfortable & they had tons of love + companionship always: most important above all.

Also: please enjoy laughing at my terribly bleached blonde, scarecrow hair, too!!!


tiina best friends


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