Great ‘RNA’ album review from LORDS OF METAL (Netherlands)

DETENTE / "Recognize No Authority" Détente – Recognize No Authority

2014 Limited Edition / Deluxe Release

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Re-release

Marcel H. : Quite surprised I was when I got this re-release of ‘Recognize No Authority’ (1986) from colleague Pim B.. Didn’t Cognitive Records re-release ‘RNA’ in 2007? Yes, they did. But this re-release by Xtreem Music is certainly worth the purchase even though one might already own the original of this this cult classic or the 2007 re-release.

Because besides ‘Recognize No Authority’ the double CD also features a CD chockfull with all of Détente’s demos, including the two that feature songs that would eventually pop up on Fear Of God’s ‘Within The Veil’, and also a rehearsal by Détente and live recordings. Also featured are two demos by Catalepsy, how the band named itself after Dawn Crosby left Détente.

Back to ‘Recognize No Authority’, sound wise I don’t hear a lot of difference when comparing it to the original recording, unless it’s the volume level which is now higher. Instrumental song ‘Catalepsy’ has been re-recorded, just like ‘Blood I Bleed’. ‘Blood I Bleed’ now features Tiina Teal on vocals. The short period of time Détente was active again a couple of years ago she handled the vocals. And to be honest Tiina does this impressively well. She really comes extremely close to the desperation that characterized Dawn’s vocals.

Anyone not familiar with Détente… expect thrash, which leans towards crossover, with female vocals that at times sound quite hysteric and desperate but also have the needed power to it.

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