Inoperable Brain Tumor – Please Help 3 yr.old Ethan Tacheny

On May 20, 2014, my 3 year-old friend – Ethan Tacheny – was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.

Ethan, his parents (David & Katie) and his two brothers (Sam, 5 yrs. & Will, 1 1/2 yrs.) only moved to Los Angeles last year. They have been struggling to support their family on one full-time income & a sporadic second income. But being the incredibly hard working, independent family that they are, they have maintained very well up until this unexpected and heartbreaking bombshell.

You can read further about the Tacheny family and Ethan’s medical updates here:

In addition to their staggering medical bills and basically living at the pediatric ward of their hospital 24/7 almost every day, the Tachenys want to take Ethan and his brothers back home for a family reunion in Minnesota this summer.

They have set up a donation page for caring persons wishing to help. I am personally urging you to please donate anything, if you can – Your money is going to help modestly finance a family’s wish to give their little boy what will probably be his last chance to see his grandparents & relatives.


You can rest assured that this family is completely humble, kind & appreciative – of whom have also helped Miguel and I before. They are not ‘takers’ in any way, shape or form. They are all-American, hard working, self-supportive, genuinely good people that may now very well be devastated not only financially, but more importantly by the decline of one of their beautiful little sons, Ethan.

Please help spread the word using the donation link below as well as the hash tag: #teamtacheny

Many thanks in advance, my dear friends!

#teamtacheny #pediatricbraintumor #donatenow



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