Tortured Souls Video WON @ L.A. FirstGlance Film Festival !!!

The Tortured Souls song + video for ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) that I was so humbled to be a part of (singing + acting) WON at last week’s FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles!

The music video was originally created to be a concept piece that accompanied the film ‘Malea Beloved’, by filmmaker Vincent McLean.

And speaking of Vincent: SO many congratulations & so many thanks to the renaissance man himself! Especially because, he wears almost every hat in the business: writer, director, producer, actor, musician, guitarist, singer, arranger…and that’s just a start. His talent is making things happen in this world – not only in larger and larger ways, but: in more beautiful and artistic ways, that we desperately need. Watch for his work in the future, because it will influence our culture for the overall good.

Humbled to be a part of this project and humbled to know this wonderful, creative crew that also made everything happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Viva Vincent! Viva Tortured Souls!

#torturedsoulsband #ifeelstrangelove #maleabelovedfilm #firstglancefilmfestival

Film Festival Award:!prettyPhoto

Cast Photo:

‘I Feel Strange Love’ / Tortured Souls Video:

‘Malea Beloved’ trailer:


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