R.I.P. Myssi Sauder

I can’t believe it….my original guitarist/feminist/blazing metal goddess that I shared so many stages and screams and tears and years and beers and lonely holidays with is fucking gone…An OD, right after she got out of rehab (again). Right after she seemed to be doing so well…

My dear, beloved, soul revolutionary sister that always kicked everyone else’s ass (for good or not…) has now got her own ass kicked. Myssi helped me form my first ‘real’ metal band back in 2003, Burn The Empire, as a fierce feminist fist in the air against the world … My lovely and belovedly beautiful, asshole bitch of a bandmate & friend….A TOTALLY metal, original, talented guitarist & destroyer of the fucking fucked up system has been lost. A true spiritual friend of all things REAL & honest is gone. And I am now at a loss, too, because she had to go. I don’t know how to resolve our own unresolved issues between each other, even.

I don’t blame her for leaving this stupid planet that she didn’t belong to, but dammit – she sure had so much to give and to teach us….and its now over. The system won. And we are the losers, once more…I love you, Myssi Sauder. And I always will.




  1. Just learned of her passing..I am so saddened …what an amazing soul she was.
    RIP Myssi.xxx

  2. I am sorry for your loss Tiina!
    She was very beautiful and gifted.

    R.I.P. Myssi

  3. Myssi was a dear friend of mine in high school and beyond. She was as true to form as she was all her life. I admired her in every way. She became what she always wanted to, since she was a teen. I will miss her dearly. She taught me so much in my life that I have carried with myself since the day I met her. It blew me away that this has happened. I will continue to carry our memories in my heart for the rest of my life. She was a true spirit. RIP Myssi I will miss you…

  4. I just heard this, totally stunned. We lost touch but in 1998 we had an incredibly awful band going on. I remember & cherish those days with all my heart. Rest out loud Myssi, you were always at top volume!

  5. I have known Myssi in SIU, during 1997-2001. I was in love at first sight for her awesome charisma and dedicated soul to metal. We hanged out, yet I couldn’t tell her, I was afraid she would be too much to handle! We shared stories and experience with metal. We both loved Ozzy, Sabbath, Dio and more. I had an Illinois costumed car plate ‘Ozzy Q8’. I have one plate and gave her the other. I don’t know if she still kept it.

    My last physical memory of her, attending her band playing in Hangar 9, around August/September 2001. I videotaped the whole play, but I cannot find the tape since then. I have been in touch with her on and off through her AOL email and her Myspace page and Eve’s downfall page.

    I knew she that was happy with her boyfriend and friends and enjoying life.
    I just thought about googling her just to find this obituary and tribute to her. It truly saddens me to see Myssi gone, or ‘Melissa’ as I used to call her just to get her pissed off. She had a special place in my heart. For me, she was the queen of metal.

    wherever you are now, I hope that you can find rest and peace.
    We all miss you and love you.
    We shall meet on the other side


  6. In the early 2000 my father forced me to take lessons to learn an instrument. It was either guitar or violin, hating both I choose guitar

    In upcoming weeks I meet myssi my guitar teacher at the time all I listened to was hip hop and whatever cholo music my cousins had. She opened my eyes to music I truly loved
    Thought me about metal and I’ve been hooked ever since.

    I remember telling her I listened to megadeth a rust in piece so much in my Walkman the cd broke haha. I’ve always been meaning to find her and tell her thank you for opening my eyes.

    Thank you myssi I will always rock on because of you!

    I just open we meet again and shred with the best in the afterlife !


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