back for the attack!

Hi kids –

Thanks for coming here and checking out my stuff.  Am on the lookout for new musicians and/or bands to play with either permanently or for hire/by project, so please contact me via email with any interest.

Tons of thanks & appreciation for your support, always!

xxoo, tt



  1. Robert Rangel · · Reply

    Hey Tiina!!!!!!! So glad to see that you have your own site and now can give us all the Tiina news!!!! you know I love you to death!!! and anytime you need a bass player, I am just a phone call or email away!! best of luck with ALL that you do, and i really, really, really hope that we get to work together again soon!!!!!! Take Care!!!

  2. Nice on the site Tiina. Hurry up and get the new band going so I can make you a music video already!

  3. Hi Tiina,

    I wish you all the best with whatever project you join/start and I`m really looking forward to hearing your voice in some hard hitting new music! 😉

    Best wishes from Germany,

    Klaus (QuickNick on myspace)

  4. Tiina is one of the best of the new crop female Metal vocalists. Unlike most heavy metal singers, Tiina has multiple dimensions to her voice; that is, she’s not afraid to employ dynamics in her vocal performances. This sets her above and beyond the standard.

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