I think some of the most depressing & asinine/unrealistic phrases I’ve ever heard have been: ‘It doesn’t really matter’… ‘What can you do?’… ‘Dreams CAN come true!’… ‘Just DO IT’… ‘It’s just the way it is’… ‘Boys will be boys’… ‘Life isn’t fair’… ‘You can do anything you want’… ‘Life IS fair’…

The Tortured Souls song + video for ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) that I was so humbled to be a part of (singing + acting) WON at last week’s FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles! The music video was originally created to be a concept piece that accompanied the film ‘Malea Beloved’, by […]

Wow! Dawn Crosby’s legacy & DÉTENTE still kicking ass into the future. This is a very rare edition of ‘RNA’ that I was made aware of when joining the band. For any of you with too much money & an interest in old school thrash-metal (yeah: I know…there are SOOO many of those kinds of […]

SO. AWESOME. And true – but only for up and coming/new bands. Obviously, most of us love hanging out longer to listen to our classic fave bands & would feel cheated if we paid a $45 ticket fee and they played 4 songs in 20 minutes. But nowadays, and especially when you’re just another band […]

Am at LA Live / Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles for the First Glance Film Festival – watching the music video by Vincent Mclean & his band Tortured Souls that I acted in & sang guest vocals on, for the song/video ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) So cool seeing/hearing it on the big […]

Eddie Van Halen & Sham-Wow guy are just too perfect… Slash could’ve been Otto minus his less lucky, well-connected, rich, art parents. http://www.collegehumor.com/post/6962052/16-people-who-look-like-characters-from-the-simpsons

Truly hope that the recently deceased Pastor Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church (aka the ‘God Hates Fags’/ ‘God Hates Soldiers’ funeral picketers and general hate-filled fuckstains) will finally meet ‘his’ maker & finally understand at least some of his horrendous mistakes as well as the almost surreal, noxious pain that he helped […]


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