The Tortured Souls song + video for ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) that I was so humbled to be a part of (singing + acting) WON at last week’s FirstGlance Film Festival in Los Angeles! The music video was originally created to be a concept piece that accompanied the film ‘Malea Beloved’, by […]

Wow! Dawn Crosby’s legacy & DÉTENTE still kicking ass into the future. This is a very rare edition of ‘RNA’ that I was made aware of when joining the band. For any of you with too much money & an interest in old school thrash-metal (yeah: I know…there are SOOO many of those kinds of […]

SO. AWESOME. And true – but only for up and coming/new bands. Obviously, most of us love hanging out longer to listen to our classic fave bands & would feel cheated if we paid a $45 ticket fee and they played 4 songs in 20 minutes. But nowadays, and especially when you’re just another band […]

Am at LA Live / Regal Cinemas in Los Angeles for the First Glance Film Festival – watching the music video by Vincent Mclean & his band Tortured Souls that I acted in & sang guest vocals on, for the song/video ‘I Feel Strange Love’ (Depeche Mode medley) So cool seeing/hearing it on the big […]

Eddie Van Halen & Sham-Wow guy are just too perfect… Slash could’ve been Otto minus his less lucky, well-connected, rich, art parents.

Truly hope that the recently deceased Pastor Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church (aka the ‘God Hates Fags’/ ‘God Hates Soldiers’ funeral picketers and general hate-filled fuckstains) will finally meet ‘his’ maker & finally understand at least some of his horrendous mistakes as well as the almost surreal, noxious pain that he helped […]

I LOVE this song. Shut up. It’s such a perfect piece of pop + metal. And – Randy Rhoads was originally in the band too, so they can have that street cred w/any of you metal hipsters.


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